Nature Walk

I took some time to go relax with a couple of my best friends in the whole wide world! These girls have supported me through all the rough patches, made me feel special and extraordinary. I love them both more than I can ever express.

We went to Lucifer Falls…which horribly didn’t have the trails open to get to. That didn’t stop us from walking around, looking at “things” that nature provides us. Stop and think of this. Two polar opposites of water and rock. When separate, there is nothing really special about them…but together they create magnificence. They work against each other to create something so beautiful, it takes our breath away.

Falling Water

As the water flowsButtermilk Falls


It’s all a matter of perspective and how we view the world. A world that is always flowing and ever changing. It’s all about change, beautification and alteration. Never settle for just being a stone, celebrate each drop of water life hands to us and continue to create your own beauty.

Just like spring…out with the old, in with the new. The nutrients of what is dead and gone is now the life of the new. CELEBRATE LIFE!




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